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Reform Physiotherapy and Pilates

is a Chartered Physiotherapy clinic situated in the heart of Malahide village.

We are passionate about helping you to feel better as quickly as possible, and ensure effective results for all our customers.

At Reform Physiotherapy and Pilates, we do a thorough 45-minute initial assessment of all new patients. This ensures we have time to spend listening to each patient, do a comprehensive physical examination, and effectively treat your condition. We will also make sure that you are well educated on the cause of your discomfort, and show you how to prevent it happening again. We have a wide range of treatment techniques that we can use to help you feel better.

Rejuvenate Your Health with Complete Physiotherapy Services Designed Specifically for You!
Joint Mobilisations
Dry needling
Vestibular Rehab
Home visits
Exercise prescription
Match physio


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