Lauren Kennedy

About Me

Lauren graduated from University College Dublin in 2023 with an honours degree in BSc Physiotherapy

She is interested in a wide range of areas in physiotherapy, particularly in pain management and rehabilitation. Lauren also enjoys working with sports teams and has worked alongside UCD Women’s Rugby team.


What I like Most About Physiotherapy?

I chose a career in physiotherapy as it allows me to work with people while also having a strong scientific base. I really love being able to use the best available evidence to help people achieve their goals and to improve their function and mobility.


What I Do in My Spare Time?

I love spending time with family and friends and keeping active in my spare time. I also enjoy running or getting out for a walk with my dog Ernie! I find having a rest and down time as important as keeping active and will often watch a good movie or cook when I have some spare time!’


Speciality Areas:

Ankle Pain /Injuries
Shoulder Pain
Golf Injuries
Patellofemoral knee pain