Joint Mobilisations

Joint mobilisations are gentle and passive movements that are applied to a stiff joint. Chartered Physiotherapists may use joint mobilisations to treat stiff joints safely and effectively, helping to reduce your pain and have you moving easier.


Orthotics are devices that can be inserted into shoes to improve your movement patterns, correct postural abnormalities and reduce stress on joints. At Reform Physiotherapy and Pilates, a Chartered Physiotherapist with further training in Orthotic prescription can do a biomechanical assessment of your foot posture, and design a custom made orthotic that is unique to your foot and your needs. However, orthotics can be expensive and will only be prescribed if absolutely necessary.

Dry needling

Muscle ‘knots’, also known as myofascial trigger points, can often cause pain, tension and tightness in a muscle. Dry Needling is the use of a very thin needle that can be inserted into these ‘knots’ to help relax the muscle. At Reform Physiotherapy and Pilates, a Chartered Physiotherapist with post-graduate training in Dry Needling can use this technique to help reduce pain, improve movement and increase blood flow.

Home visits

At Reform Physiotherapy and Pilates, we offer a home service for our customers who have difficulty getting into the clinic. There is an extra charge for home visits depending on your location. Please contact us to find out more about this service.

Vestibular Rehab

Vestibular Rehab is treatment for dizziness and vertigo and is provided by a specially trained physiotherapist.

Match physio

At Reform Physiotherapy and Pilates we offer pre and post- match physiotherapy services. We will be able to do sports massages, taping, dry needling, and more to have athletes match-fit, or help with their recovery post-match.


Taping involves the application of specialised firm or flexible tape directly to the skin to hold a muscle or joint in a certain position. Taping can be effectively used by Chartered Physiotherapists to relieve pain, support healing structures, and aid athletes in returning to sport.

Exercise Prescription

Doing specific exercises when you are injured is an extremely important component of recovery. At Reform Physiotherapy and Pilates, we will prescribe exercises based on your assessment findings. This ensures that you can manage your condition at home and will help you to recover as quickly as possible.


(please see clinical pilates)

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