Mummy MOT (Postnatal Physio Assessment)

The Mummy MOT is a postnatal physio assessment for women following both vaginal or C-section deliveries. The term Mummy MOT was created by a UK based company and the refers to a Ministry of Transport (MOT) Test which is the UK equivalent of the Irish NCT. However the term has become popular in Ireland when describing different types of professional postnatal assessments

At Reform Physiotherapy we offer a speciailist postnatal examination. This examination is delivered by our specialist Womens Health physiotherpaists who have extensive experience seeing women as they prepare for birth and following delivery

Mummy MOT

During pregnancy the body goes through so much change. The stomach muscles and pelvic floor lengthen and stretch to help accommodate your growing baby. This happens gradually over 9 months and then once your baby is here, we expect it all to go back to the way it was before, nevermind the new demands on our systems needed to care for a little new born baby.  Whether you have a vaginal or cesarean delivery, both have a big effect on our bodies. 

The aim of a postnatal physiotherapy assessment is to check in and see how the body is recovering. In our assessment we look at what areas might need a bit of extra attention and focus to help get you back feeling strong, exercising and doing the things you enjoy.

The assessment involves a thorough conversation around your pregnancy and delivery, goals you might have, injuries or worries you’re concerned about as well as your history with previous pregnancies and recoveries if applicable.

Based on this, there will be a physical examination looking at your movement, strength and balance as well as more specific tests for anything that came up during the conversation. This can involve an internal examination to check the pelvic floor muscles. This is really beneficial postpartum as the pelvic floor plays such an important role in pregnancy and delivery and pelvic floor dysfunction is common after pregnancy. Although we encourage our clients to get their pelvic floors checked, it is completely optional. 

All of this information helps us provide you with a personal treatment plan with exercise and education at the forefront. 

What does our Mummy MOT (Postnatal Physio Assessment) include?

  • Assessment of any aches or pains
  • Examination of overall movement, strength and balance
  • Assessment of pelvic floor
  • Check of abdominal muscles assessing for DRAM (separation)
  • Personal treatment plan

When should I book?

Normally we advise people to wait 6 weeks to help the body recover and allow healing of any incisions or cuts that may occur. However, we can see you earlier if there is a specific issue you are concerned about in those first few weeks. 

On the other hand there is no span of time that we consider too long postnatally to get checked either. We understand that life can throw things your way and it can take a while to get time to focus back on yourself. So whether you’re 6 weeks or 3 years down the line, we’d love to see you 

Mummy MOT Assessment Length & Cost

Our iniital assessment taes approx 45 mins to complete and the cost is €85 euros.

Follow up sessions are available for 45 mins or 30mins depending on needs are cost €85/€70 respectively.

Reform Womens Health Specialists


Our Mummy MOT can be booked online here or please call us on 086 358 2911 if you prefer to book by phone.