Initial consultation (45mins)


Extended consultation (45mins)


Follow Up consultation (30mins)


Sports massage (30mins/45mins/60mins)

€60 / €75 / €105

Women’s Health Physiotherapy

Initial Consultation (45mins)


Standard Consultation (30mins)


Post natal Check (45mins)


Clinical Pilates

Pilates Initial Assessment 1:1 (45mins)


Pilates Private 1:1 (45mins)


Pilates group class 3:1 (45mins)


Pilates Private (1:1) Bulk Buy 6

€366 (€61 per 1:1)

Pilates group Class (3:1) bulk buy 6

€186 (€31 per class)

Pilates group Class (3:1) bulk buy 12

€342 (€28.50 per class)

Pilates group (3:1) bulk buy 18 classes

€486 (€27 per class)

Pilates 2:1 Class (45mins)


Pilates 2:1 Class Bulk Buy 6

€252 (€42 per class)

*Please note cancellation fees may apply unless given 24hrs notice


Please note: if you have private health insurance, you may be able to claim for your appointment at Reform. Please contact your own insurer to confirm the exact level of your cover.


The reimbursement rates for visits to Chartered Physiotherapists in private practice are: Lifestages

Level 1 – €25 per visit (max of 7 visits)

Level 2 – €35 per visit (max of 7 visits)


13 per visit (no limit)


Gold – €35 per visit (max of 7 visits)

Silver – €25 per visit (max of 7 visits)

For more information see


Under Essential and Essential Plus plans up to €20 per session is reimbursed. This €20 goes towards an excess that has to be reached at the end of each year before claiming at the end of that year. Under the Health Manager, Health Manager Start, Health Manager Goals, Family Careand Personal Care plans 50% of the session fee is reimbursed.

For more information see


Reimburse €30 under Day to Day A plan with a maximum of 3 visits. Under the Day to Day 50 plan there is a reimbursement of 50% up to the total of €25 per visit, with a maximum of 8 visits.

For more information see

Please note this is subject to you paying a minimum level of eligible outpatient medical expenses. Other insurance plans such as the Garda Medical, Prisons Officers Medical Aid and ESB Medical Schemes offer attractive reimbursement rates.


In addition to the above, tax relief may be obtained on physiotherapy fees in excess of €100. This is done by completing a Med I form at the end of the tax year and submitting it to the Revenue Commissioners.


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