Pilates for athletes!

Posted by: Anne

There are a growing number of athletes that are speaking out about their love of pilates. Brian O’ Driscoll, Katy Taylor, and Tiger Woods are just a few of the professional athletes who advocate the use of Pilates for keeping them injury free!

Clinical Pilates addresses any specific tight areas or weak muscles that an athlete may have, and works on these areas to improve their movement patterns. This can improve the athlete’s biomechanics, and allow them to move more efficiently, helping to prevent injuries.

At Reform Physiotherapy and Pilates, we do an initial assessment where we look at your posture, flexibility, and strength. Then we design a program that aims to address the areas that you need to improve on. A lot of people playing sport can develop asymmetries from overusing one side,  and this can lead to injuries and problems with performance. In clinical pilates we address any asymmetries, and work on improving movement patterns. Call Anne at 086 358 2911 if you would like to book for an initial assessment!

Brian O’ Driscoll’s twitter status on pilates!

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