National Training Clinic with Showjumping Ireland

Posted by: Anne

I was delighted to be asked back this year to the National Training Clinic for young riders with Showjumping Ireland. This year it took place in Cavan Equestrian Centre with 21 riders (16-21 years old) attending from every corner of Ireland.

The day started with a biomechanical assessment of all 21 riders, screening for any specific asymmetries, tightness or weak areas that the rider may have. A common finding on the day was reduced lower back and hip range of motion, or calf tightness. These tight areas or asymmetries can impact on how riders are performing and how their horse is performing, and predispose both the rider and horse to injury.

I also gave a presentation in the afternoon explaining the importance of sport science for horse riders. Often horse riders are too busy looking after their horses to take care of themselves. The take home message of the presentation was for the riders to address any underlying biomechanical issues they may have, and not to ignore niggling injuries that could impact on their performance.