Kinesiotape-why top athletes are using it…

Posted by: Anne

If you were watching the recent Commonwealth games or European Athletics in Zurich, did you notice a brightly coloured tape on a lot of the athletes? Well it may look nearly like a fashion trend, with many athletes coordinating their tape to match their country colours, but it has a much more important function that makes this tape so popular among some of the worlds top athletes!

Kinesiotape is designed to facilitate the bodies natural healing process while providing support to muscles and joints without restricting movement. It can be used for one or several of the following purposes:

-Promote circulation and lymphatic return
-Lift soft tissue off the area of pain and inflammation
-Provide stimulation to limit or enhance movement
-Align tissue
-Provide body awareness

The beauty of kinesiotape is that it is so lightweight that after a few minutes you will forget you are wearing it! This is a nice contrast to the original stiff sports tape that can sometimes make you feel rigid. Kinesiotape is also water resistant and hypoallergic so can be worn comfortably for several days if needed.

I use kinesiotape a lot in my practice to assist in a treatment. I am constantly impressed by the results, and my clients usually love how easy and light it is to wear. If you are interested in learning more or trying kinesiotape out for an injury call me at 086 3582911 and arrange an appointment today!

Anne 🙂