Its all about the Mo-Stability!

Posted by: Anne

Here at Reform Physiotherapy and Pilates we love getting people moving! I see people who are restricted in their movement every day, but for many different reasons: some have suffered chronic pain and have adapted inefficient patterns of movements or ‘fear-avoidance’ behaviours where they are fearful of moving at all! Others have sports injuries, and are trying to ‘power through the pain’, and have developed compensatory movements that are affecting their performance and causing reoccurring injuries. Others have developed ‘patterns of movement’ or ‘habits’ over time that affect how certain joints/muscles function.

Whether you are a 70-year old gardener, or a 20-year old footballer, freedom of movement is important in order to have a good quality of life, and get on with the things you enjoy doing without pain or restriction. Movement is more than just strength or flexibility alone- it is a combination of MOBILITY and STABILITY that allows for freedom of movements. MO-STABILITY is muscle flexibility, joint range of motion, ability to maintain posture and control motion, all working in conjunction for fluid unrestricted movement.

Some joints need more stability than others, and some need more mobility. In general the following joints need:

  • Ankle: Mobility
  • Knee: Stability
  • Hip: Mobility
  • Lower back (lumbar): Stability
  • Upper back (Thoracic): Mobility
  • Shoulder blade (Scapula): Stability
  • Shoulder: Mobility


As a Chartered Physiotherapist, I treat people everyday with corrective movement exercises. In order to get people moving better, I help them to improve the way they move. This is the best way not only to treat your cause of pain or restriction, but to prevent it coming back. If you are interested in getting a consultation, or discussing any concerns call me at 086 358 2911.

Anne 🙂

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