ITB Pain

Posted by: Anne

Your Iliotibial band (ITB) runs from the outside of your knee up to your hip. When tight it can cause irritation at the knee or hip joint which can lead to pain on the outside of the knee or hip. This is common is runners, hill walkers, cyclists and horse riders especially but can happen in anyone who has a tight ITB. I believe the only good way to stretch out your ITB is with a deep tissue massage by a Chartered Physiotherapist, or to foam roll it out. See below for a link of a video on foam rolling your ITB.


Follow this link to see how you can foam roll out your ITB: http:// Try do it for 2-5mins 3 times a week and you will feel the difference in no time! Be warned…it will be sore at the start but should get easier as it loosens out.

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Anne 🙂