How Clinical Pilates can help you….

Posted by: Anne

A lot of my clients ask me what the difference is between a typical pilates class and Clinical Pilates. The Clinical Pilates that we offer at Reform Physiotherapy and Pilates is taught only by a Chartered Physiotherapist and is tailored specifically to your needs and goals.

I start by doing a 1:1 initial assessment with everyone who begins Clinical Pilates. I begin with talking through any injuries or pain you have, and discuss what your goals are. Then I will do a full Physiotherapy assessment where I will look at your posture, strength, flexibility, gait and movement patterns. Based on the assessment, I will design an exercise program specifically for you.

I only offer 1:1 or 3:1 classes so that you will always be working on your own specific program. I feel this small class size allows you to get the maximum benefit from attending a class, and achieve your goals, while exercising safely and effectively.

To keep you interested I combine mat Pilates and small equipment, with Reformer Pilates in all our classes. ‘The Reformer’ uses resistance to make all stretches, strengthening and balance exercises more effective. This allows for a huge variety of exercises ensuring you will never get bored! The varying resistance also means that it can be adapted for beginners, those injured or challenge even the most advanced.

Ring me at 086 3582911 if you would like to have a chat about getting started. Also there is 10% discount off an initial assessment for January 2015!! Anne 🙂

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