Get running!

Posted by: Anne

Running is great…its free, you can it do it anytime, anywhere, and it has numerous health benefits! Anyone can run, but it is important to gradually scale up your runs to avoid injury.

If you haven’t run in a while (or ever!) you need to start by going on walks to prepare your body. Once you have spent a few weeks going on regular walks, you can start introducing a run. Start by doing just 1 min run and then 5 mins walk, and repeat this pattern. Follow the 10% rule-don’t increase your distance/speed/time more than 10% a week. This way you will scale up your running safely and be at less risk of injury.

There are loads of different apps and groups that can help keep you motivated:

-couch to 5km groups app

-malahide parkrun-great local facility that meet weekly in Malahide Castle.

Remember its never too late to start running. Make sure to have a clear plan of what your goal is with running and be consistent!  Happy running 🙂