Get Foam Rolling!!

Posted by: Anne

I absolutely love the foam roller! It is such a great way to stretch out, relieve tension in muscles and improve circulation. By using the foam roller on a regular basis, you can release out tight muscles that could be contributing to pain or injuries, allowing you to move easier and keeping any niggling injuries at bay.

Using the foam roller is the next best thing to getting a deep soft tissue massage, so it is definitely worth your while investing in one.  It is a brilliant way to warm up and cool down too.

Below are some pictures on how to stretch out different muscle groups. Roll slowly up and down for up to 2-5 mins in each area. Be warned…it might be sore! If you need any more advice on how to use a foam roller, or if your injury/pain persists, give me a ring on 086 358 2911.

Anne 🙂