Falls prevention

Posted by: Anne

As we age our muscles get weaker, joints get stiffer and our balance decreases. This can lead to having a fall or a ‘near miss’. All it takes is one fall to set you back, and prevent you from enjoying your golden years. In Ireland, one in three older people fall every year and two-thirds of them fall again within six months.

The good news is that falls are preventable! There are many falls prevention strategies and exercise programs, that are proven to reduce the risk of falls. Getting started on a fall prevention program will not only stop you having falls or stumbles, but it will improve your independence, confidence and overall fitness!

If you are interested in starting a falls prevention program, either in our studio in Malahide village or in your own home, give me a call today to have a chat about it at 086 358 2911.

Anne 🙂

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