Demo with AIRC horse riders

Posted by: Anne

I really enjoyed doing a demo with the North East Riding Club horse riders in Kilronan on Monday. Sports science for horse riders needs to be embraced within the sport if we are truly going to recognise ourselves are athletes. The take home messages from the demo were:


  • Horse riders are athletes and need to start treating their bodies accordingly.
  • Having a ‘neutral’ pelvis can allow your horse to move to the best of it’s ability.
  • Horse riders need core/shoulder/leg strength in order to influence their horse effectively.
  • Symmetry is imperative for horse riders to give clear messages to their horse and allow them to be balanced.
  • What you do out of the saddle will influence how your ride.
  • Don’t ignore injuries.

If you are looking to get assessed for your posture/strength/symmetry to see how it could be affecting your horse riding, call 086 3582911 or email

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