BRAND NEW: introducing our new stability chair!!

Posted by: Anne

I am delighted to introduce all our clients to the brand new ‘Stability Chair’!! This is yet another piece of Pilates equipment that Joseph Pilates invented and is a really dynamic way of strengthening and improving flexibility.

The main reason I love this piece of equipment, is its versatility! Some of the exercises can be really advanced (see pics below!!) and great for people returning to sport, but there are also a lot of gentle exercises that can be done on the Stability Chair for people who are starting at a lower level. One big advantage for people who have more severe injuries/pain is that you don’t need to be able to get up and down from the floor to use this!

I’ll be incorporating the Stability Chair into most Pilates classes so everyone will get a turn! If you are interested in starting Pilates up, call Anne at 086 358 2911 to make an appointment. 😀

stability chairstab chair standstability chair girl